May 292011

Here’s  a presentation of the walking stats for each of the 14 days we were on tour:-

Day Theme Walked (Miles) Total
Edinburgh Sa Travel Day 3.27
Su Exploring Edinburgh 10.59
Mo Genealogical Research 2.70 16.56
Cairn Gorms Tu Travel Day 3.17
We Deishar Woods 6.20
Th Capercaillie Day 4.44
Fr Elgin, Nairn and Loch Ness 1.81
Sa Loch Morlich 5.74
Su Loch an Eilein and Loch Gamhna 7.54 28.90
Rosedale Mo Travel Day 2.09
Tu Rosedale Mines 12.77
We Runswick Bay and Whitby 6.42
Th Rosedale 4.73 26.01
Home Fr Travel Day 1.93 1.93

A grand total of 73.40 miles. And, excluding the travelling days, the average mileage in Edinburgh, the Cairn Gorms and the North York Moors comes to 6.65, 5.15 and 7.97. Our overall (non travel day) average daily walking distance was 6.29 miles, 6.65 in Edinburgh, 5.15 in the Cairn Gorms and 7.97 in the North York Moors.

In terms of vehicular stats we drove a total of 1,609 miles at an average of 41mph burning a gallon of fuel every 61 miles.

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