Nov 012011

At midnight I put the first words of the writing challenge together. Clattering from 00:01 to 01:37 I managed to lay down the foundations, the first scene, with 1,697 words (17 wpm). I should be able to pen some more this evening so I will delay posting my first day’s word count and initial extract on NaNoWriMo until at midnight.

It was rather exciting and I stopped after doing the daily minimum only because I do have to work in the morning!

I feel comfortable. I have around 33 scenes planned which take me through the main thread to the story’s conclusion (planning this sort of detail is allowed as long as you don’t start any words of the final draft before 1st November). Scrivener is just superb. I have my locations, characters and plot all sketched out in the application and now juts need to unroll the idea scene by scene.

My only fear is that I won’t be able to get to the end of the story in time – I’m only half was through my first scene! Still there are plenty that will not be as long or detailed – and the first scene is nice and tense and (hopefully) a great read. I suspect I’ll hit the 50k word target without much trouble. Still – there are several days this month where I doubt I’ll get anything written so the more words and the faster I can get through this thing on ‘productive’ days the better.