Nov 192011

Sorry, so soon after the last post and I have yet another C30 personal best to report…

1175 To Empty

I suspected that today’s diesel stop would be good because, after 9 days and 690 miles completed since the last stop I’ve managed to improve the average fuel consumption which has increased from 69.4 to 70.4MPG. When presented with a full tank, as you can see, the range has now hit an indicated 1,175 miles!

I just don’t have the courage to take the ‘miles to empty’ reading much below 80 miles, especially if the fuel indicator is on. I suspect that when I ‘cave in’ and refuel there’s still a good and safe 50 miles or so left in the tank. My current best distance is 721 miles between refills so I suspect I should be able to get at least 760 to 770 with strategically positioned garages. One day..?