Sep 012014

According to the Herald Scotland it’s now illegal fro an EU company to manufacture or import vacuum cleaners with a power greater than 1600W and in 2017 it will be reduced to 900W. In general this is a good idea, as Sir James Dyson says:

The motor cap is a sensible part of the upcoming regulation from Europe, as it can drive investment in efficient technology.

Unfortunately their new labelling system, which is supposed to provide performance comparisons, is only required to provide performance figures for brand-new machines and takes no account of loss of suction effects.

The one we use is 2200W – oops. But flipping heck – it’s the best vacuum cleaner we’ve every owned. Also, because it’s so good we use it less than our previous vacuum cleaner which was 1400W so if it’s about how much power we consume it’s not just a simple case of comparing electrical consumption.

All we’ve done is reduced the bar, so yes we will have a very efficient 1600W vacuum, but it’s all relative – it will always be less effective than a similar 2200W vacuum.

But there are so many other areas, where will this stop? Electric hobs, kettles, lawn mowers, immersion heaters?

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