Nov 072010

Yes, Gary Rhodes is due to be onboard the Arcadia on the cruise following ours. But don’t kid yourself that he’ll be getting on and off in Southampton. Don’t blink or you’ll miss him – and book your night in the restaurant carefully!

He’s actually due to join the ship when it reaches Rome and leave again when it gets to Gibraltar. Wow – that’s 3 nights out of a total of 13. He obviously has a lot of interest in his ship’s restaurant.

I wonder what’s the longest and shortest length of time a celebrity chef, with a restaurant on board a P&O ship, has been on board (excluding the maiden voyage)?

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Nov 062010

According to the BBC News website Somali pirates are reported to have received over $12,000,000 in ransom for the release of two ships. It got $9M for one ship, having demanded $20M. Apparently this new record payout is likely to change the rules of engagement in the future. Wonder what that means ;)?

Apparently the Somali pirates still hold around 25 vessels.

This isn’t quite cruising but I thought it’s close enough to put in this category of the blog.

Phew, glad we’re safely back on shore…!

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Nov 032010

I’ve updated the cruise map pictures that I produced and posted before we set sail.

The updated maps have been changed to reflect the port deviations we experienced at the start and the end of our journey.

The revised maps for each of the eight separate sailings are collected together in the attached gallery.

Click on an image tile to view the map.

Nov 022010

One final refined breakfast in the Meridian and then it’s back to the room for the final packing of hand luggage.

We’re in the Palladium waiting for disembarkation now. It is very comfortable and quiet. We’re waiting for our colour to be announced. It’s 9:25 and I thought we’d be off by now, anyway, at least we’re in a comfortable seat.

They are dismantling some of the stage in preparation for the departure today (the ship returns to the med). It goes to Rome and other places. The ‘Welcome Aboard’ stage is being set.

Until next time…

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