Jan 032016

According to the Guardian you could have purchased 200g of smoked Scottish salmon in Lidl at Christmas for £2.65. Today, direct from the Inverawe smokehouse, 200g will cost you £12.75. Quite a saving, but the Lidl Salmon is not from Inverawe.

Scottish salmon, processed, but of course, in Poland. It has not come back from its holiday refreshed. The texture is greasy and gelatinous and its ineffectual smoke is one-dimensional. You might be able to use it as an ingredient in, say, a quiche, but served on its own it would be badly exposed.


Clever marketing. Use the best bits of the product (Scotland) and leave out the worst. A lot fewer people would probably buy a pack of “Polish processed Scottish smoked Salmon“. Apart from the insanity, are you thinking about your carbon footprint here? No.

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Feb 092013

OK, so the processed meat scandal is getting a little out of hand at the moment but I’d just like to pass on my thoughts on diethyl-butylmalonate. This, when it is condensed with hydrazobenzene in the presence of base forms phenylbutazone or “bute” a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug for the short-term treatment of pain and fever in animals. It’s “bute” that’s causing a stir with out super-cheap ready meals at the moment.

Forget that … just take a look at diethyl-butylmalonate … one super-nasty-looking scorpion-like chemical structure you just don’t want to mess with!


I’m assured the little circles are meant to represent oxygen but they look like eyes to me mate.


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