Jan 032016


No Man’s Sky, developed by a small core group of British indie developers, is due for release in June on the PS4. It looks like a combination of Spore and Elite. Procedurally generated (random) certainly opens up an opportunity for a truly massive universe but the worlds are clearly reset on every visit so leaving a planet and returning will result in exactly the same experience – i.e. the world may not evolve of change between visits – so if it has resources (oil fore example) does it run out? I doubt it. Also you might find an ice planet next to a desert planet – odd.

Anyway, I spent hours on Elite on the BBC Model B in the 80’s and I see this as basically Elite with one heck of a visual makeover!

I’m a keen follower of ‘open world’ games and this looks like an excellent one – the pennies are in the bank waiting for June…

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Sep 112015

The PlayStation engine is 20 years old! (well, in Europe it’s 20 on the 29th September, so I’m a little early).

With a Playstation, PS2, PS3 and now a PS4 to complete the set I’m feeling happy. Some zombies to kill now…(currently playing The Last of Us)


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