Nov 022014

With the sad news of the crash of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo after what is believed to be experimental rocket fuel I realise that I’m not a hardware pioneer. I’m not a Jacques Cousteau. I’m happy to break new territory in the virtual world of software development but I’m not some one who like being on the forefront of exploration. I probably sound like one of those who would have baulked at the idea of riding on Stevenson’s Rocket but this is a rocket in no uncertain terms.



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Sep 012014

According to the Herald Scotland it’s now illegal fro an EU company to manufacture or import vacuum cleaners with a power greater than 1600W and in 2017 it will be reduced to 900W. In general this is a good idea, as Sir James Dyson says:

The motor cap is a sensible part of the upcoming regulation from Europe, as it can drive investment in efficient technology.

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Jun 292014

Faced with the diagnosis of ALS, this programmer’s first reaction was to turn to computers to help solve some of his problems (BBC).

So I decided to build the best and fastest on-screen keyboard, then when combined with the camera, it gives you a very cheap and very good communication solution… accessible for all people, not only the rich.

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