Oct 182014

In an age when all the grand ideas have lost credibility the fear of a phantom enemy is all the politicians have left to maintain their power.

Adam Curtis
Writer and Producer, “The Politics of Fear” (2004)

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Oct 162014

If you go back an hour isn’t that considered “rewinding” (for those who still remember tape)? Doesn’t the button for “let me hear that track again” on your MP3/iPod/iPad/Walkman have the symbol “<

So why is the TV channel that shows you what happened an hour ago called “ITV +1”?

Isn’t it “ITV -1”?

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Oct 132014

In essence the principle says that not having the evidence that something might be a problem is not a reason for not taking action as if it were a problem.

It’s a very famous triple-negative phrase that effectively says that action without evidence is justified. It requires imagining what the worst might be and then applying that imagination upon the worst evidence that currently exists.

But, once you start imagining what could happen, then there is no limit. It’s a shift from the scientific ‘what is’ evidence-based decision making to this speculative, imaginary ‘what if’ based worst-case scenario.

Bill Durodie
Director International Centre for Security Analysis
King’s College

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Jun 252014

I’m taking about Matisse. To me, it’s all basically childish,”king’s new clothes”, sanctimonious crap. I mean, take “Snail (1958)”…



And here’s my 30-second “Snail meets car (2014)” effort…

Snail meets Car (2014)

Snail meets Car (2014)

Sorry, but aren’t they both just rubbish?

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