May 152012

The RSPB want to create a new nature reserve on the shores of Loch Lomond with one of the best wetland habitats in Scotland. I’ve made a donation, can you help? I’ve given them enough to help secure something the size of our garden patio.

If they can secure this amazing place, future generations will be able to sit by the loch, eating lunch while watching ospreys catch theirs.

If you have time, checkout the RSPB Wards Estate appeal site

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Oct 282011

iPhone has problems with Scots accents

Now this was funny. Having developed speech recognition software for several years myself this isn’t surprising, I just wonder  how Apple intended for the phone to be used by people with regional dialects and strong accents. Not having an iPhone 4S I can’t comment on the speech training features of the phone. It must have some adaptation techniques that get employed during short training phrases or corrections but it just isn’t clear.

Anyway, if you’re having trouble all I can advise is huad yer wheesht (be quiet).

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Oct 072011

I love this story (STV). The Kismot Restaurnt in Edinburgh hosted it’s annual challenge where contestants eat a progressively hotter curry until they get to the Kismet Killer. Unfortunately this year two people ended up in hospital. Currie Kim became so ill she had to be taken to hospital (twice), once at 4pm and then at 9pm.

Unfortunately the Kismot Restaurant website was unavailable (with the error ‘Bandwidth Exceeded’) when I tried to look at it but it seems to be back now with some fun videos!

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May 292011

Here’s  a presentation of the walking stats for each of the 14 days we were on tour:-

Day Theme Walked (Miles) Total
Edinburgh Sa Travel Day 3.27
Su Exploring Edinburgh 10.59
Mo Genealogical Research 2.70 16.56
Cairn Gorms Tu Travel Day 3.17
We Deishar Woods 6.20
Th Capercaillie Day 4.44
Fr Elgin, Nairn and Loch Ness 1.81
Sa Loch Morlich 5.74
Su Loch an Eilein and Loch Gamhna 7.54 28.90
Rosedale Mo Travel Day 2.09
Tu Rosedale Mines 12.77
We Runswick Bay and Whitby 6.42
Th Rosedale 4.73 26.01
Home Fr Travel Day 1.93 1.93

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