Jan 192013



Trouble with ice? Going for a walk? Try these! Get four-wheel-drive for your feet and out-maneuver the less well-off on the streets!

Well, it’s the day after the snow so going for a walk for the morning paper is a little more tricky. But not now! Just be careful when you actually get to the shop and it’s non-icy floor!

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Feb 232012

OK, back now, and here are the figures for the distance walked on the four days away…

  • Day 1: 3.9 miles (58 photos)
  • Day 2: 6.6 miles (32 photos)
  • Day 3: 9.6 miles (84 photos)
  • Day 4: 4.6 miles (48 photos)

A total of approximately 24.7 miles and 222 photos!

Feb 222012

It’s the last day, but we’re packed but decide that today is a leisurely day. We get to breakfast at around 9:30 for the standard cold meats, cheese and pannacota (I know, stomach like a rubbish tip!). We did post a photo of the restaurant but I took one this afternoon. A fantastic rainforest-cafe affair. A wonderful hotel indeed, only minutes walk from the bus terminus and vaporetto routes.

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