Kai Tak (see Wikipedia entry) was Hong Kong’s international airport and home to the RAF in Hong Kong. The airport operated from 1925 to 1998.

The airport was named after Sir Kai Ho and his son-in-law Mr. Au Tak who wanted to develop a piece of land formed by land reclamation in Kowloon Bay. The plan failed and the company went into liquidation in 1924, the year after both Au and Ho died. In 1925, the land was taken over by the British Hong Kong Government and used for the airport.

Kai Tak was closed on the 6th of July 1998, although it briefly reopened for cargo operations because of software problems in the new airport’s cargo handling system.

The redevelopment plans for Kai Tak include, amongst other things, the provision of two new cruise terminals currently scheduled for operation in 2013.

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