Aug 042010

Yo ho ho! Ahoy me hearties! Me and me wench an’ a lass will soon be swashbucklin’ our way here an’ thar in search of booty, doubloons an’ grog. Avast me matey, ‘ere me tho’, ’tis no ‘venture fur lily-livered landlubbers, nor squiffy scallywags. Aye, ’tis a ‘venture for buccaneers an’ gentlemen o’ fortune. Follow me and me crew, as we be crossin’ savage shark ‘fested seas searchin’ for Davey Jones’ chest o’ gold. Or would ye prefer if me keelhauled ye in front of me crew fur scoffin’ at me task?


The 2010 cruise to Venice on board the P&O Arcadia combines architectural treasures and beachside bliss (apparently). The main destination is the World Heritage city of Venice but on the way we will be visiting Spain (Malaga), Greece (Zakinthos and Corfu) and Croatia (Dubrovnik). On the way back Arcadia will spend time in Malta and return to Spain (Cadiz) before finally returning to Southampton, early in the morning on the 2nd of November.

Communication while at sea is notoriously patchy but we hope to procure sufficient on-board wireless credit to enable us to update this blog at least once a day so that we can post our activities and experiences for family and friends, near and far. To kick things off I’ll post brief discussions of the ports we’ll be visiting, small charts of each leg of the voyage and, as our departure draws nearer, I’ll also post any pre cruise news that we think would be fun to share.

Oh, and there are sharks in the med. Approximately 47 species have been recorded there, 15 of them potentially quite nasty.

First Leg