Nov 032010

I’ve updated the cruise map pictures that I produced and posted before we set sail.

The updated maps have been changed to reflect the port deviations we experienced at the start and the end of our journey.

The revised maps for each of the eight separate sailings are collected together in the attached gallery.

Click on an image tile to view the map.

Nov 022010

Le Havre today. At least we’re not at sea. Unfortunately it’s a bank holiday on France and when we get to the shuttle bus to the town we’re told almost everything is shut. We decide not to go in but instead return to the ship for a relaxed day.

We have to pack today and leave our cases outside the room.

Lunch is Vindaloo Pork from the buffet! Nice.

As everything is packed in the cases tonight is a relaxed ‘smart casual’ night in the restaurant. A very nice affair followed by a cabaret and comedian in the Palladium and a last drink or two at the bar.

We’ll have breakfast in the main restaurant tomorrow morning at about 6:30 and vacate the cabin at 8am. We leave the ship (until next time) at around 8:50.

By the way, only a very small number of the 849 pictures taken throughout the cruise have been posted!

Until next time…