Nov 032010

I’ve updated the cruise map pictures that I produced and posted before we set sail.

The updated maps have been changed to reflect the port deviations we experienced at the start and the end of our journey.

The revised maps for each of the eight separate sailings are collected together in the attached gallery.

Click on an image tile to view the map.

Oct 292010

A day at sea and then Malta. Unfortunately our late departure from Venice makes it difficult to get to Malta on time and so our arrival is put back to 11am. The ship’s maximum speed is around 23 knots.

We also divert course so we sail close to the Croatian coastline rather than a more direct route through the Adriatic to avoid the heavy seas and storm that’s still present. The night is rough, outside decks are closed and the night we leave Venice and the following day we see heavy rain and electrical storms.

Nevertheless after one full day at sea we reach Malta a little early, at around 10:45. We’re here until 6:30pm.

After a period in the spa and breakfast we’re quickly off the ship.  It’s a long walk from the dock to the main town (Valetta) and it’s taken at a gentle pace. The town is nice and compact within ancient walls, very much like Dubrovnik. It’s a climb up and down the streets (as some of the pictures will show).

Anyway, some fantastic churches (especially the Church of the Shipwrecked St. Paul).

Some shopping (of coarse), some toilets (of coarse).

We do find an M&S but I give myself 10 out of 10 for managing not to venture inside!

Lovely town, another we must return to, even if it’s just to see the rest of the small island.

It’s a meal out of the main restaurant tonight. We’ve booked into Gary Rhodes’ place on the ship (Arcadian Rhodes). You pay a small supplement to eat here but it’s a wonderful quiet experience.

Numerous pictures are attached.

Having departed Malta we now spend a couple of days at sea before our final foreign port of Cadiz. Lot’s of history there and I’m looking forward to it.

Until next time…

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Aug 072010

We sail from Malta and head west, on our way out of the Mediterranean. After 3 nights at sea we emerge into the Atlantic, passing through the Straight of Gibraltar and dropping anchor in Spain, the first country of our Cruise. The spanish port of Cadiz is the oldest continuously-inhabited city in the Iberian Peninsula and possibly of all southwestern Europe, has been a principal home port of the Spanish Navy since the accession of the Spanish Bourbons in the 18th century. A spot of important historical significance.

Hopefully we won’t be too sad here, because our next sighting of land will be our home port of Southampton.

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