Jul 292012

Medals today! Just like Beijing in 2008 our first medal comes from the Women’s Road Race. It was raining in Beijing, it was raining here. Congratulations Elizabeth Armitstead! Congratulations also to Rebecca Adlington for her bronze medal in the 400m freestyle.

  • Gold: 0 (+0)
  • Silver: 1 (+1)
  • Bronze: 1 (+1)

Top three at the end of the day today (GB at 16th position):

  1. China: 6/4/2 (12)
  2. USA: 3/5/3 (11) {was 3rd}
  3. Italy: 2/3/2 (7) {was 2nd}

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Jul 282012

No medals today, the first medal day. Although there were very high expectations for Cavendish in the road race. The Men’s Archery team were also knocked out in the early stages. Anyway, here’s the “Team GB” medal table for today, just to start the ball rolling and hope we get some tomorrow…

  • Gold: 0 (+0)
  • Silver: 0 (+0)
  • Bronze: 0 (+0)

Top three at the end of the day today:

  1. China: 4/0/2 (6)
  2. Italy: 2/2/1 (5)
  3. USA: 1/2/2 (5)
Jul 262012

What I find really irritating is that there’s clearly a significant part of the BBC that don’t realise the Olympics has actually started. Their advert talks about ‘don’t miss a second. Coverage starts Friday’. Hello! It started yesterday (women’s football), and there’s stuff today (8 games of Football and the Archery ranking round) and tomorrow (Archery ranking round). Yet they still interview people and discuss the excitement of the build-up.

Their main page banner today says “Olympic Games. 27th July. 1 day to go.”

Personally I have a real problem with the opening ceremony occurring after the games have started and the inevitable ‘let the games begin’ speech when in fact they’ve already begun. Why play official games before the opening ceremony?